cats are everywhere

i have a cat drawing on a thing dedicated to cat art. there is some cool cat art there. i am not a cat person, do not worry.



these are a few shots i managed to get off at the show my band got to play with weston on saturday night. they played the rock like rock should be played.


noo work

noo journal #9 is out. i have a photo triptych in this issue.

fortunately noo journal is free and can be found in many cities across the u.s. so go pick one up from a place on this list. noo journal #9 will be available in philadelphia and i will post it's whereabouts when it arives.

in the mean time download the pdf.

reading of the apple poem


sketch club

i recently went to philadelphia sketch club and sketched at the club. the model was exceptionally nice but i forget her name. i think it starts with a v. the last drawing is not of that model.


the dead milkmen

well, the gig is up. here is the poster i made for the first dead milkmen reunion show in philly. apparently it did not show up for everybody so i am posting it again. now it is irrelevant.

david's house

sketchbook, england, house, boring


why vandalism? just cause

the new october issue of why vandalism? is out. i am in this issue. these are things you've never seen before. look! you can read things there too.


go to here

i was asked to make this poster. if you go to this show you will like it.


v's new glasses

with these neon blue glasses you can walk waist deep in the cobblestone. you can wade past the vatican where the pope only walks. you can do it. albert einstein did it! who's albert einstein? you don't even need to ask!

psychedelic cakes

sea geometry


piper r.i.p.

it's just about shelf fungus season.



i keep finding old work sitting around. i am putting them up so people think that i am extremely productive.


it is true

"god of tears" an mdiym production from the director and writer max margulies and co-conspirator naoko masuda has, this past weekend, screened at the atlanta underground film festival in the animation category and received it's coveted best short film award for the entire festival. boy howdy.


it's going

i found old polaroids when i was looking through my stuff recently. i put some together so that 1 or 2 people can look at them. whoever is reading this is part of a very select group.

p.s. go here



Brunhilda[1] (c. 543613) was a Frankish queen who ruled the eastern kingdoms of Austrasia and Burgundy in the names of her sons and grandsons. Initially known as a liberal ruler of great political acumen, she became notorious for her cruelty and avarice.


places that are not here

there are such places on this internet that have photographs on them that were crafted by my own hands. this is one of them.


jorsh & bethar

my sister got married on the 5th. i took some photos there.
here are some.



i like to take snapshots on my digital elph. we all do. it's what makes us human. here are some portraits in red flash.