Figure drawing

Here's a few of my favorite figures from the past 2 months. If Jeff is looking at this, forgive the poor photographs.

I like quick sketches, but I put up a long pose for good measure.


Deap sea sneeze

Someone replaced the air tank with the pepper tank.


Bar Loop

The second of assignments for year number two-ish.


6 legged walk cycle

This was my first assignment in Celia Bullwinkel's Animation workshop class at SVA.


In the last few weeks I have been working on a commissioned animation from the distant land of Germany. I was asked to transform Alison Mathiebe's script into an animation similar to I Am In the Air Right Now.

You can buy the book here if you are so inclined.


New work

I haven't posted for a while. That's because I have been very busy...

My favorite band Mercury Radio Theater is coming out with a new CD and I got the chance to illustrate the final installment in their monster trilogy. It's called Kilroy. Listen to it here.

I made a poster yesterday for their album release show on September 3. Get tickets now!

I recently animated with Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda on a new project that they are working on. Here is a photo of the main set.

I took a class at SVA with Marty Abrahams. Marty is good people and he got me working for Al Jarnow on a Sesame Street short. I'll post when it is going to air.




Here's some music I made. There are a few glitches from uploading them to youtube but I didn't have much time to spare. It just adds to the charm.



I am now learning things at SVA. My first class is "Intro to Animation". I am working on a 40 second-ish final for the class. It will involve horses? Here is a walk cycle I thumbnailed today.

I decided to test it out by scanning it and making a quick animated gif by compositing it in Photoshop. I think this is a good way to see results from paper almost immediately.

Also, this doesn't hurt. More info than is in the book.


Cards of Hope

My wife, Leann, just made this promotional video for the Through the Eyes of Hope project. I helped out by creating an extremely simple animated logo at the beginning. They teach kids in Rwanda about photography and are now raising funds to build a photo studio for the children in order to make their art and earn money to support themselves and their families.

If you want to help out you can go to their IndieGoGo page and donate $5 or more to receive a handwritten postcard from one of the kids in the program. They are a very small operation and every penny counts.



Here is a still from a new animated loop that I did this week. It was created for a fun project called LoopdeLoop, centered around animation cycles.

This is my first animation done in flash.


New poster for Mercury Radio Theater

I'm not sure where this idea came from or where it is going, but I kind of like it. This is the first finished project done on my new Cintiq. I'm teaching myself flash right now, so there should be some tradigital animations coming in the future.



I just made this pencil test for my cat pistol. Trying to keep busy on little exercises while I have some down time.



I went to MOCCA Fest yesterday and met a bunch of awesome artists and SVA animation alumni like Jake Armstrong and David Levy that I have been a fan of for a bit.

Seeing all that comic art got me interested in doing some still comic work before I get started in the animation program at SVA. Here are a few designs i did today for a new character.

I think it might end up being called "HRUMPH."


Hot eye pop

Publishing Perspectives mentioned I Am In the Air Right Now in an article on book trailers this past Thursday. The end.


Omedetou Momoko

Here is a colaborative piece that my friend Naoko headed up recently as a wedding present for her friend Momoko. There were lots of people involved. I made some twirling cheese and random little things. You can see everyone who worked on it at the end of the video. Good times.



Kevan Walk Cycle from Greg Lytle on Vimeo.

Here's a walk cycle pencil test I did of my character Kevan. This is one of my first.



Delirious from Greg Lytle on Vimeo.

I just finished a project that I have been on and off with this past year. Ryan Manning had contacted me to make an animation for his poem Delirious. Here it is! It is all hand-drawn, scanned, and colored in Photoshop. As with my last post, all comments are welcome.


Society of Illustrators

I am trying to find some things in NY to keep me busier than I already am. I went to the Society of Illustrators on Thursday night for a figure drawing workshop.

These aren't the greatest sketches, but I'm just getting back into it. I plan to keep up the efforts. Pointers, comments, questions, and reprimands are welcome from anyone who accidentally looks at this blog.