i like to take snapshots on my digital elph. we all do. it's what makes us human. here are some portraits in red flash.


mercury radio theater

i did it everyone! i made a t-shirt!! it is for a band. that band is mercury radio theater. the last few words written were a link to their official website. if you would like to order one of these t-shirts they are not for sale on that website. i do not know why they are not for sale on that website but maybe they should be. either way they are a good band and they sell t-shirts at shows they play.
their drummer joey also designed a very awesome t-shirt which is also not for sale on that website.

they also played max's animation at their last show. boy, what a night.


electronic infection

dear 3 people who look at this page,

i have now been posted on a literature blog.

venom literati is presently repping some photos i took and a video made by pearface which max margulies and myself animated fish for. gillie!!! if anyone wants an animated music video or animation in any respect contact us and we can rock it.

stay witty