My dad was a soldier

My dad has some of his art online from the days surrounding his service in Vietnam. They are part of the "Art of the American Soldier" online gallery on the National Constitution Center's website. There is a lot of work on the site and all of it is pretty interesting to see.

If you want to see more of his artwork it is in the 1960's section of the gallery and his name is 1st Lieutenant William (Tom) Lytle.


Peelander Z again

Yet another epic Peelander Z show will be taking place at the North Star Bar. I know it's all the way over by the art museum and it will take you like 20 minutes to bike there and it's on a Thursday night, but I guarantee you that Peelander is worth the meager trip. My good friends from Mercury Radio Theater are of course playing as well.

Anyway, I made this poster.


Janice-Katie week at Wunderkammer

The "Gently Stalking Janice-Katie" show has selections being posted on Wunderkammer all this week. I was in this show and my video may show up. There are other things on the website by other people about the same things also.


My friend is reading things in Williamsburg on Friday. Go.

The Last time Matt Savoca visited Brooklyn, he had a very souring experience. This Friday night at 7:00 PM at Pete's Candy Store Matt will have a better time. He will be reading selections from his new novel length poem book along with Kendra Grant Malone (who has a book coming out at the same time)!

I was never sent a photo of Kendra Grant Malone in the mail and I'm not sure what her feelings about the borough of Brooklyn are, but here is a drawing of Matt's in its place.


Animation Reel

Animation Reel from Greg Lytle on Vimeo.

Here is an animation reel that I made recently.


Deacon's Bench

This is a drawing I have been working on for a while now. It's my favorite piece of furniture even though it's pretty beat up.

Everything should have a face.



I haven't taken any photos for a while but I had my mom's camera at a ball game. Here is a shot of my very grumpy niece "R". She is not usually so curmudgeonly. The tattoo is also a new development.



I got a call the other night to do a last minute poster for the band No! Go! Tell! I didn't have much time, but this is what I came up with.

It's this Thursday at World Cafe Live. They are a really good band and you should see them play. Forealforeal.


The reel deal

Stop-Motion Reel from Greg Lytle on Vimeo.

Here is my new reel. It's just stop-motion work I've done with organic material. Push play!


I made a me

I am applying to art school and I need to get some new observational drawings into my portfolio. This is the first. It's a self portrait. Look at me!


Moby Awards Winner Greg Lytle (This is my new title)

I won the best low budget/indie book trailer award with Kathryn Regina at the first annual Moby Awards. I think I was the only person to show up to accept their award (shown above).

Here is a list of all the winners.



Moby Awards

The animation "I Am in The Air Right Now," that I made with Kathryn Regina to promote her chapbook was just nominated for a Moby award.

This Thursday is the first annual Moby Awards ceremony for the year's best and worst book trailers. We were nominated for the best low budget/indie book trailer. This is pretty cool. I will be there.



Max Margulies Self Portrait from Max Margulies on Vimeo.

Max Margulies made a video self portrait and I animated some laser bolts for him. I think they ended up looking "Ghost Busters" or "Big Trouble in Little China"-ish. There is a muppet looking character too, which is awesome, but I had nothing to do with that.



The long-awaited issue 6 is in the final stages of production, and it will be released in true literary style at a reading and party on April 2nd.

I copied and pasted this from the Beeswax website. My comic strip "Kevan" will be in this issue.

ADDENDUM: You can now Pre-order issue 6 by clicking HERE.


The youth are revolting

I helped Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda animate visuals for an interview with Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday for their new movie "Youth in Revolt."

Check it out on The Elitist Magazine's website.


Reading and writing

Recently some nice things were said about an old video. The primary one was an interview with the venerated Kathryn Regina at orangealert.net.

Also at chicagonow.com.



Ryan Manning Animation

I am in the final stages of production for my latest animation. I have been working hard on this animation for Ryan Manning's poem and almost feel comfortable putting it up for people to see. Here's one more still frame just in case anybody cares.


Robo promo

Hey everyone. I am in the new "Issue 10" of Robot Melon.

I am also animating like Krazy!

But check out the robot. There is other stuff there too.