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New music video

Just created the animation for this music video with Jordan Bruner for Warner Brothers artist Brandyn Burnette.



I have a website now.  It can be found at www.gregorylytle.com.  You can go there to see a portfolio selection of my work.  I will keep posting to my blog with any news, sketches, or whatever else seems like a good idea.


A New Short

I have been working on a short film.  It is called "Change."


The Storytelling Animal

I was recently commissioned to create a book trailer for Jonathan Gottschall's new release "The Storytelling Animal" from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This was a lot of fun to make.

The book is now available on Amazon.


God of Tears is Online

God of Tears, the first animation project I ever worked on, is now online. It was beer and skittles helping Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda make this short film.


Bacon Clock on Cartoon Brew

My latest fragment of an animation, "Bacon Clock," was posted on Cartoon Brew's 18th Animated Fragments post.

Thanks Brewsters!


Cheap Extermination

My friend Minka's film, Cheap Extermination, is debuting at SXSW next month. I animated cockroaches for the film, and you can see some in this here trailer.


Sesame Street and OK Go

The Sesame Street short that I got to work on with Al Jarnow and Jessica Polaniecki is going to air this Thursday, February 2! It's all about primary colors, performed by OK Go. I cut and threw (placed) lots of paper along with a few others. If you can't wait until Thursday, here is the video, embedded from Sesame Street's YouTube channel.

Thanks for hooking me up Marty.


Mercury Show on February 11th

Murder Mystery show on 02/11/12. Also playing: Gringo Motel and Cape Wrath. They will be accompanied by interludes from D20 Burlesque dancers, of course.

I made another poster for the best band around and I am utilizing Photoshop like never before.