cats are everywhere

i have a cat drawing on a thing dedicated to cat art. there is some cool cat art there. i am not a cat person, do not worry.



these are a few shots i managed to get off at the show my band got to play with weston on saturday night. they played the rock like rock should be played.


noo work

noo journal #9 is out. i have a photo triptych in this issue.

fortunately noo journal is free and can be found in many cities across the u.s. so go pick one up from a place on this list. noo journal #9 will be available in philadelphia and i will post it's whereabouts when it arives.

in the mean time download the pdf.

reading of the apple poem


sketch club

i recently went to philadelphia sketch club and sketched at the club. the model was exceptionally nice but i forget her name. i think it starts with a v. the last drawing is not of that model.