Norway follow-up

'promotional video' with english subtitles for GUSTAF & Jeg! - two norwegian 'indie lit' journals (april, 2009) from GUSTAF on Vimeo.

Here is some footage that Auden Mortensen sent me from Novafest last weekend. You can see some people looking at short films as well as other things in Norway.

"Jeg!" translates as "I!" in english.


Arts festival

"I Am In the Air Right Now" Will be screening at Novafest in Oslo, Norway on Friday. If you happen to be in Oslo on Friday, stop on by.

There will also be a video from Matt Savoca playing, which has been said to be expertly edited. You can watch both of them at Gustaf Magazine #2's blog page. Gustaf is the organization hosting that section. Thanks Audun Mortensen.


Ever contemplate what Earth Day really means?

If you never have then you are in luck. Philadelphia Weekly has laid it out for you with people who know what they are talking about. Local Musicians! As we all know, musicians know a lot about the environment. I happen to be a drummer so I know about things like the difference between bulbs and seeds. Click HERE to see the plans that my band Fang Fang and I have been laying out for months.

P.S. We are playing the Khyber on April 30. You should come.



I took some photos this weekend for Vivat Veritas' spring collection. I have never really done fashion photography before. It was fun. I will be doing more than this but this photo is everyone's favorite. You can see a couple more here.


Mountain Turtle

Here is the second drawing in a series. I need more suggestions of animals and shortcomings. These here are a gluttonous turtle and mountain lion thanks to dual proposals containing similar attributes.


Kathryn Regina's new chapbook

I got to animate to a poem read by Kathryn Regina to promote her new chapbook "I Am In the Air Right Now". It is great and is coming out very shortly on Greying Ghost Press. It will only be a few dollars, I'm sure, and you should buy one to support good things.

I want to do more things like this. E-mail me and we will collaborate.


very important interview

ryan manning sent me an email asking if i wanted to be interviewed for "thunk" and i sent him one back saying that yes, i did, and then he sent me one with questions and then i sent him one back with answers and then he sent me a link to where it is and i am posting that link here.